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new cabinets

New Cabinets for the GPC Kitchen

Sunday School
Elementary to Adult



We are saved by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ alone. Period. God’s gift of salvation does NOT come to us through Jesus and anything (or anyone) else. God’s gift of salvation comes to us through Jesus period. The New Testament book of Hebrews counters our human tendency to try to add to the already infinite greatness and sufficiency of our Lord Jesus (Savior) Christ (Messiah). He authored a greater new covenant that completed and fulfilled the old one. So we will see how Jesus is greater than the old covenant Prophets, greater than angelic messengers, greater than Abraham and his covenant, greater than Moses along with old covenant laws, and greater than old covenant structures, rituals and sacrifices. Jesus completes and fulfills all of that by providing a greater spiritual Rest as our greater Priest through His greater Priesthood that provides us with a greater Hope. Join us on Sunday mornings for this important spiritual journey through the book of Hebrews.